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To register for a Meeting, please see the Events Calendar

Preferred Hotels & Resorts meetings (M) are scheduled to strengthen relationships between our partner hotels and PH&R, to offer updates of past performance and trends, and to encourage networking among our members. Additional meetings may be added for specific areas and often include Revenue Management, Group Sales Seminars, or Regional Meetings.

  • Preferred Global Conference - A major global meeting focused on hotel development. This strategic meeting is designed for Owners, Vice Presidents, General Managers, top corporate and executive managers. This meeting focuses on industry and global trends, strategic alliances, guest loyalty, media and public relations, revenue management, technology, and environmental issues.

  • Regional Sales Marketing, Marketing & Distribution Conference - Regional meeting are focused on sales and marketing. These meetings are designed for General Managers, Directors of Sales & Marketing, Directors of Sales, and Executives. This meeting focuses on industry and global trends.

Contact your Regional Director for assistance in choosing which events are best for you.