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Public Relations

The main priority for the Preferred Hotels & Resorts Public Relations department is to build brand awareness. Working with a global network of internal experts and supporting external agencies, the PR team is dedicated to educating media on Preferred Hotels & Resorts and what the brand and its distinct collections offer to hotels, travel agents, and consumers. With a goal of generating coverage in top-tier consumer and industry trade outlets, brand campaigns serve to provide the following:

  • Tell the brand story by showcasing iconic member hotels and experiences available within each collection
  • Champion the independent hotel space
  • Support global marketing programs by disseminating press releases that promote key seasons and themes
  • Provide opportunities for executives and partners to be positioned as thought leaders in the travel industry

The PR team works with member hotels to support their individual PR campaigns in a number of ways:

  • Providing new member hotels with “plug & play” press release templates by collection for hotels to disseminate through their individual channels
  • Inviting top-tier media to Preferred Hotels & Resorts events
  • Reactively liaising with media on behalf of members to qualifying opportunities such as stay requests