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Jim Haggerty                                                                      
SVP Sales, Finance & Logistics
Office: +1 (845) 732-8665 

*Available Globally 

Active is the global leader in corporate trade with sales of over $1.2 billion annually. We work with leading brands, owners, and management companies to generate hotel revenues (by putting “heads in beds”), or to increase cash liquidity when they purchase their goods through us (at their normal pricing and specs).

Products available include:

  • Turnkey LED retrofitting & lighting solutions
  • Media advertising
  • Tile, stone and quartz (large volume purchases)
  • Hospitality grade PTAC & VTAC's
  • Commercial-grade furniture and TV’s

The company’s travel division, Active Travel is the leader in the management and distribution of trade-based hotel inventory programs. Active creates new business opportunities by bringing transient clients and corporate meetings business from its 600+ corporate clients. The company is headquartered in New York and has offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

1) Samsung “Fastest Growing TV brand in Hotels”
Samsung Hospitality TVs bring best in class technology to your hotels. Offering scalable technology and integrated solutions to provide a personalized in-room experience, Samsung’s Hospitality TVs make your guests feel right at home.

2) Option One Energy (OOE) "Modern Energy Management & Supply Solutions"
OOE is an Energy Consulting Firm that specializes in providing the best pricing in Electric and Gas available on the market today. OOE is a 100% fully integrated energy consulting/management firm. OOE represents a stable of top tier trading desks and generation companies. OOE’s bid facilitation and proprietary pricing processes helps it put together a strategy that best fits your organization helping you control your utility costs.

3) Green Scope Solutions (GSS) "Provider of turn-key energy efficient lighting solutions" 
GSS is a turn-key lighting retrofit company handling everything from the audit to the rebate procurement to the implementation of the lighting project. GSS focuses on increasing revenues for its clients by reducing energy costs and reducing energy consumption through green lighting retrofits and lighting projects. GSS works in tandem with OOE and their joint objective is to:

  • Reduce energy costs 40-70%
  • Provide analysis of ROI, with typical payback of 2 years or less
  • Improve quality of light across the facility.
  • Identify sources of grand money and rebates to help pay for job; typically grant money or rebates may be available to pay for 30-70% of job costs
  • Up to .60 a sqft. in tax incentives

After contracts are signed, GSS continues to manage and monitor its client’s accounts ensuring that bills are correct, and coincide with the contract that is in place. We continually monitor the markets and keep our clients informed on market changes so that when an opportunity presents itself we are able to capitalize on a down market and reap the benefits of a lower price.

4) GBI Tile & Stone, Inc.: A leading supplier of Tile and Stone 
GBI Innovation brings you the ideal products to meet your custom designs.
GBI Products & Benefits:

  • Stone/Quartz for any application imaginable – slabs/cut to size/import supply chain
  • Porcelain, Mosaic & Ceramic Tile in all sizes and designs
  • THIN-N-EASY Porcelain Tile - fits seamlessly with all shower fixtures, tile may be installed directly over tiled walls.
  • “Pod” technology - reduces installation times

This additional revenue opportunity is available to Preferred Hotels & Resorts hotels.


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