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Victoria Waterhouse, Client Solutions Executive



With the business of the Hospitality industry moving faster, your business needs the agility to compete and win.

The Hospitality industry needs to provide the best Guest Experience possible and AT&T has built solutions to create an incredible experience:

  • Speed & Precision: An agile network to provide the speed you need for your guests and employees without sacrificing reliability
  • Here & Everywhere: A communications platform that lets you use the latest IP technology to connect for local and global calls
  • Open & Secure: AT&T builds security solutions which make sense and analyzes threats while striving to protect digital assets
  • Performance & Protection: Creating Virtual Private Networks which provide highly secure pathways for transmitting critical information
  • Connected & Independent: Enabling Wi-Fi access points which allow guests and employees to connect throughout a property
  • Remote & Collaborative: Wireless networks allow your teams to stay connected

Your guest deserve top tier service and AT&T is providing solutions for the hospitality industry, revolutionizing the hotel and the guest experience.


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