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Contracted Marketing Rooms

Preferred Hotels & Resorts  has included a “Marketing Room” allotment to be used for sales and marketing purposes into member hotel agreements. By using these rooms to leverage marketing opportunities (decreasing costs, increasing reach and frequency), Preferred Hotels & Resorts is able to increase brand awareness to the benefit of all hotels and keep the cash outlay to its hotels at a reasonable level.


Contracted marketing rooms are utilized through several outlets:

  • We use Marketing Rooms in a promotion i.e. sweepstakes, charitable fundraisers, event sponsorships.

  • We trade rooms for advertising media.

We sell the rooms through various channels. This provides Preferred Hotels & Resorts with the most flexibility to direct the funds toward areas that best suit our brand and marketing efforts. Our current partners are:

  • Winspire
    Winspire provides highly sought after, hard to find, unique Experiences for use in charity auctions or fundraisers. With over 23,000 satisfied winning bidders to date, Winspire successfully delivers a highly desirable demographic of influential and sophisticated decision makers who have significant disposable income and influence. Businesses that are featured in Winspire travel packages enjoy additional revenue and marketing exposure at high-end charity events across the country and Canada. These charity patrons are very likely the same target demographic you want to reach with your marketing campaigns.
    • 10,000+: number of events per year that feature Winspire items
    • 80% of the time the packages are featured in a live auction
    • 400 guests: average attendance at fundraising events.

  • Active International
    Active International has been a partner for more than 8 years. They are a global company with operations in 13 countries; the world’s largest corporate trading firm and one of the largest buyers of media. Active monetizes the rooms through selling to their corporate and media clients, as well as through SkyAuction. SkyAuction has been a primary distribution channel for Active and most rooms are sold as a part of an opaque package or a hidden bid auction. Independently of Preferred Hotels & Resorts – more than 20 member hotels work directly with Sky Auction.

  • Luxury Link (LL)
    Luxury Link has been in business since 1997 working with companies like Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton, Six Senses Resorts & Spa. This relationship promotes image and brand while moving the room nights. Their audience of 500,000 luxury travelers from around the globe provide pre-qualified leads and direct bookings. LL monetize our rooms through limited time auctions presented to their loyal followers on; hotels and our brands are also promoted through their e-newsletter and throughout the websites.