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Integrated Quality Assurance (IQA)

Integrated Quality Assurance at a Glance

Integrated Quality Assurance (IQA) is a custom-designed quality measurement program that assures reputation management and measures compliance with brand standards. IQA consists of two measurement tools: onsite inspections conducted by a third party, LRA by Deloitte, and the Consumer Review Dashboard, powered by RateGain. 

Preferred also provides a Total IQA score, taking into account “performance over time” reported by actual guests via online reviews and social media commentary, as well as impartial assessments by professional inspections consultants. This composite score is based on your on-site inspection score, consumer review score, and the number of reviews your property received in the six months prior to your inspection. The Consumer Review score supplements the on-site inspection score. Hotels that fail to reach the overall inspection score benchmark can receive a boost from favorable on-line reviews and comments. Careful management of online reputation through active engagement with customers, including timely responses to online commentary and criticism, can positively impact your Consumer Review Score and your Total IQA score.

IQA Overview