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Use IQA to improve your online reputation

Reputation Management – Five ways to improve your on-line reputation using IQA

  1. Analyze what your customers are really saying – both compliments and complaints
    • Be accountable and take responsibility for any negative comments
    • Stay neutral and do not make defensive statements  
    • Pass along kudos to staff that went out of their way to make a good impression

  2. Respond quickly in a personal way, not as a business entity
    • Don’t use a form letter type of response
    • Address any issues raised and offer ways to make corrections
    • If there is an ongoing problem (i.e., not enough parking), respond and make a supportive statement
    • Make sure the response is well crafted, brief, and to the point. Remember this is a public forum

  3. Acknowledge the customer’s point of view – they are, after all, always right
    • You may think they are wrong, but this is not a good time to bring it up
    • You want them to return, so tell them how important their comments and opinions are
    • Don’t let the tone of a comment color your response – our guests come from a global community with many diverse cultures

  4. Verbalize how you may consider proposed changes as advocated by the customer
    • If additional training is required, say so, but give specific examples related to their issue
    • If there are physical product changes you are making that involve the issue, tell them; and when its done, invite them to return
    • Never say: “There is nothing we can do”

  5. Empower the customer to help improve customer satisfaction
    • Ask them to tell you how you can make their future stay more comfortable or enjoyable
    • Ask for suggestions; tell them why their opinion is important

Technology allows any customer to voice their opinion directly and in real time, and sites like Expedia and Trip Advisor are Reputation Billboards that allow hotels to respond directly through IQA. If customers are responsive and engaging with your hotel, you are doing the right thing. Managing your reputation can lead to greater loyalty and repeat business.