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Over 80+ hotels submitted their photos and stories for the GIFTTS Pineapple Awards. Our member hotels are making significant contributions globally. The Pineapple Awards for 2016 go to the following remarkable properties and partners.

Please click the property names to see the wonderful work that is being done:


Thank you for letting us know how your hotels made a difference during 2016 in the categories of philanthropy, community service, sustainability, and education. Please see award criteria here.
Award winners will be honored at the Sales, Marketing, and Distribution Conference. In addition, hotel finalists will be recognized in press releases, social media, and other channels.
GIFTTS - Great Initiatives for Today's (Tomorrow's) Society - Recognizing exceptional actions on the part of member hotels and employees in the areas of philanthropy, community service, sustainability, and education
  • Preferred Hotels & Resorts Associate Events - Showcasing the individual actions by our associates locally and worldwide to build stronger communities while encouraging an environment of tolerance, generosity, and awareness
  • View Pineapple Award Winners - Recognizing member hotels for their tremendous leadership and outstanding efforts across four categories:  "Philanthropic Hotel of the Year," "Community Service Hotel of the Year," "Sustainability Hotel of the Year," "Education Hotel of the Year," plus one "Overall Pineapple Award Leader."