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The Onyx online commission processing service is a web-based, easy-to-use tool to reconcile and
pay all your travel agent commissions. All reservations made via the Preferred Hotels & Resorts
central reservation system are posted weekly to a password protected site for audit and payment
confirmation. Hotel direct reservations can also be included in the electronic processing.


The Travel Agent Commission Processing tool is meant to ensure safe, on-time payments to your top travel agent clients with these key features included:

• Web-based system on a secure network
• Hotel team verification and approval of all transactions before payment processing
• Payment options include wire transfer, direct debit, or credit card
• Agents are paid in the currency of their choice
• Hotel determines frequency of payment to travel agents – monthly minimum is recommended
• Self-generated invoice for payment is available if needed


Builds travel agency loyalty
Through on-time, local currency payment of commissions – and through a GDS indicator that can influence an agency to book your hotel over one with manual processing

Decreases travel agent inquiries
Detailed information for every transaction is shared in the secure network server

Saves staff resources
Eliminate the need for accounting departments to process travel agent commission checks

Payment Tracking
If you receive a travel agent commission inquiry, the Onyx system allows you to track their payment


Processing fee of €1.00 per reservation transaction, plus travel agency commission (3% surcharge for credit card payments)
Set-up fee Complimentary

*Note: Fees are subject to change. Please contact Onyx for a quote.


Are there different fees for debit, credit card, or wire payments?
There are no additional fees for payment by debit or wire transfer.    Credit card payments incur a 3% surcharge.

Are there added fees if international agencies?
No. However, if your hotel is in a location that requires an invoice to process the commission, this can be self-generated through the tool, saving the headache of numerous email exchanges and late payments.

Can I decide whom to pay or not?
Absolutely. The system allows you to verify each booking prior to payment on a regular schedule. If a booking or agency requires research, this can be put aside for a later batch.